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Why Yezz Phones

  • Multi-Sim Phones

    Multi-SIM Technology

    In addition to the many incredible features offered by every Yezz device, each phone includes versatile multi SIM technology which grants you even more freedom and satisfaction than ever before.

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  • Unlocked Phones

    Never Locked Phones

    Every Yezz phone is already open and carrier free enabling you to experience the feeling of unparalleled and unadulterated choice.

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  • Android Phones

    Android Phones

    Sophisticated and stunning, the Android line of phones feature the latest Android OS, a touch sensitive screen, and Wi-Fi connectivity for greater access to Android app libraries and the freedom to surf the web.

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  • Music Phones

    Music Phones

    For those of you that wish to get a little more out of your phone, Yezz has just the devices for you. The Music line is an exciting product line inspired by the Latin culture that epitomizes art, entertainment, and life.

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  • Fashion Phones

    Fashion Phones

    Yezz created the Fashion product line with the influence of a glamorous and fashionable lifestyle in mind. It keeps you connected to the world with a variety of features all housed in a stand out design.

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  • Classic Phones

    Classic Phones

    For the everyday person who simply needs the necessities of a no-frills phone, Yezz has established the Classic line of products.


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